When we structure your portfolio, we customize it to help address your individual goals and objectives. We include the minimum required rate of return we identified in your financial independence analysis, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Let us take the emotion out of your investments

Our investment approach helps manage volatility by creating a portfolio that may include:

  • Fee based accounts such as Strategic Asset Management
  • An appropriate combination of investments within many asset classes and
  • Variable annuities, if appropriate

We then review your portfolio regularly, comparing the results to both a blended benchmark and your minimum required rate of return. We make any changes that we deem necessary, always taking into consideration the tax impact, fees and your objectives. We then communicate these steps with you during our regular review. This method of investment management helps reduce the uneasiness that comes with the ever present market volatility.

We pride ourselves on portfolio designs which are unique to our clients. Contact us for a private consultation to discuss your investment interests.

Investing involves risk, including the risk of loss.