The Advantages for High Net Worth Corporate Executives

You have many options for financial guidance. A good fit, both in culture and philosophy, is paramount to the success of a long-term advisory relationship. We invite you to consider Consolidated Financial Management. Here’s why:

  • We work with high net worth executives, guiding them through the ins and outs of their compensation, including employer stock equity and grants, deferred compensation and pensions.
  • We show our clients the dollar value of their benefits. Then, we develop smart financial plans and innovative portfolio designs that integrate their compensation with their personal financial objectives.
  • We provide the highest level of personal service. We help our clients pursue the full potential of their plan benefits, by providing the ongoing attention and experience to properly manage them over time.

Does your financial advisor do this?

Typical financial services firms and private wealth advisors help you determine your financial objectives, develop a plan to get there, and manage your assets. But do they also do this?

  • Keep track of your bonus deferral election deadlines, notifying you with recommendations and projections ahead of time?
  • Monitor your company’s stock and suggest when to sell or exercise grants?
  • Build first-name relationships with your company’s HR team?
  • Create implementation checklists for items that need attention, including deadlines for completion and identification of responsible parties?
  • Offer access to a wide range of asset classes, such as REITs, and Alternative Investments? 

We keep track of everything for you

Busy executives rarely have the time to fully understand their compensation plan and keep everything on track. This can leave a lot of stones unturned: overlooked pensions, missed filing dates, and more.

That’s why our philosophy is to keep track of everything for you, proactively managing your benefits over time and making sure they’re funding your personal financial goals.

We typically end a conference call by asking, “What else we can take off your plate?” 

We keep it simple

For every client, we’re guided by two simple questions: 1) Are they going to be okay? 2) What are they missing?

These questions keep us focused on stress testing your plan over time, looking for holes, changing circumstances, and new opportunities. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we’ve all earned one of the industry’s most rigorous certifications.

In the end, there are really only two questions — and we use our deep expertise to answer them carefully, thoroughly, and effectively.

We consider you family

A large investment firm may offer brand name prestige, but at Consolidated Financial Management, you become part of the CFM Family. You’ll quickly grow accustomed to the high level of personal service you’ll receive. And you’ll experience the confidence that comes from understanding your plan is managed seamlessly, year in and year out, by partners you know and trust.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a client of Consolidated Financial Management, contact us to arrange a private consultation.