If you’re like many people, the word “retirement” has a negative connotation, bringing to mind fears of irrelevance and infirmity. In a world where everyone is living longer, where vibrant contributions can be made well after 65, we’d like to retire the term entirely – and focus on the real question: financial independence.

Your financial independence analysis

At Consolidated Financial Management, we conduct a detailed analysis to determine at what age you may have the option to work or not. We identify the factors that can impact that date, and map out a careful plan to get you to the date you want.

Planning for the day work becomes optional is a key component of most people’s financial plans. Achieving financial independence doesn’t obligate you to retire, and it happens independent of age. Instead, a proper analysis will clarify your options and free you from the constraints of outdated thinking as you consider the road ahead.

Is a financial independence analysis right for you? Contact us to arrange a private consultation. If you’re a corporate executive with a compensation plan, Consolidated Financial understands the unique factors impacting your financial future.