Enjoy Confidence Through Effective Financial Planning

If you’re a high net worth executive, you may wonder:

  • What’s really in my executive compensation plan?
  • Do I have enough to put my kids through college?
  • At what age can I achieve financial independence?
  • Can I retire as soon as I’d like?
  • Can I buy a second home?

Our financial planning services give you answers to these questions, and a road map for getting where you want to go.

Step 1: Analysis

We start with a comprehensive analysis of your financial life, including:

  • Your financial personality: what is your risk tolerance and your typical approach to money?
  • Your financial picture: household income and expenses, as well as assets and debts
  • Your compensation plan: we analyze it carefully and help you make sense of its value
  • Your financial independence goals: at what point would you like work to become optional?
  • College planning: are you ready to take on this expensive responsibility?
  • Tax planning: are you unnecessarily exposed to taxes?
  • Risk management: we review your auto & homeowner’s coverage, as well as disability, long-term care & life insurance, identifying any gaps

Step 2: A written plan

We then help you define your financial objectives and priorities, and develop a written game plan for working toward them.

Step 3: Implementation

We create an implementation checklist to work through the items we’ve identified as needing attention. The checklist includes deadlines for completion, and the point person for each item.

Step 4: Ongoing management

Then the journey begins. As you set sail, we help you navigate, becoming your lifelong partner as you work toward financial success. You’ll enjoy an unparalleled level of proactive, personal support that helps simplify your life as it helps you understand the value of your compensation plan.

Your priorities become our priorities, as we join together to help you work toward achieving your most important financial goals.

Let’s talk about your financial goals and ideas on how to pursue them. Contact us to arrange a private consultation.